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Ankle Pain 3 Years After Breaking/pinning


newbie here and apologies if this is in the wrong place.

About 3 years ago I fell and couldn't walk with the pain. Had an x-ray, the ankle was broken, hospital said there was 'movement' so I had the operation to pin the ankle back. Loss of movement was 15%/20% per the physio. Anyway everything was ok up till 2 weeks ago. Now if I walk far (about 2 miles to work ) the ankle doesn't feel right - I get sharp stabbing pain in it in some steps to the point where I try to walk 'different'. But this isn't all the time, today it wasn't bad. At work it's a background kind of 'not right'. I'm aware of it.

Any idea's ? I guess I thought when it was fixed, that was it. I didn't expect anything to change 3 years on ie pain ( sometimes ) now when I didn't have any for the previous 3 years. I'm going to see my doctor soon to get a referral hopefully to see what's what. Just any thoughts from anyone welcome :)
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replied April 6th, 2009
ankle pain after 3 years after breaking/pinning
some times the pins rust of desinagrat. i would go the the doctors. i broke my ankle 2 years ago and i didnt have to get it pinned and i have constant pain. i need help to got anything?
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