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Liposuction And Lupus

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Has anyone ever had a plastic surgery procedure after being diagnosed with lupus? I was diagnoised with lupus almost 3 years ago. I have not had terrible health when considering most cases, but I have had some ups and downs. When compared to others, I know my case seems to be on the mild side. I have been off of prednisome for a while now and when I was on it the highest dose was about 40 mg over a two year period of time. I gained 60 pounds over the two years. I have gone down considerably but am still not at where I started. I have been walking and eating right but it is still noticeable that my shape has definately changed. I believe that the predisome helped me to store the permanent type of belly fat because I am going down everywhere else but the belly. I have an abnormal amount of fat around my abdomen (love handles, a front pooch and back rolls). I haven't had any children and I know that those type of abdomen issues would be expected after having children. I am seriously considering liposuction. I have searched the web and couldn't find much on the subject of lupus and liposuction. I did find a health message board web site where someone with lupus wanted a tummy tuck but was scared and was asking for help or suggestions. She eventually went on to have it done with now problems or complications.

I know this sounds crazy to even be worried about with the other serious health issues that many of us face. But my body has changed so much so that I am considering it because I am very unhappy with the fat rolls on my belly and back.

Any feedback or comments would be welcomed. Thanks.
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First Helper Hollydc

replied April 27th, 2006
Well though I am in remission now......Back when my lupus was active I did have two knee surgeries. Both surgeries provoked flares of my lupus. Many "lupies" I have talked to have expressed they have had lupus flares following medical procedures.

You probably should have a long talk with your doc about it. Discuss with your doc about taking prednisone before and after the procedure.... And whether you should have the procedure at all.

Have you tried exercise?

Good luck!

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