I am a 72yr old female who was on prednisolone for six years & over the last six months have gradually weaned myself off the drug.
I am suffering terribly in all my joints, especially bad are my shoulders,
hands, hips & knees. Can anyone tell me if this settles down or will I have
no option but to resume taking the drug again.
I am currently trying bowen therapy combined with deep tissue massage,
three treatments & no improvement yet. Have tried so many things to no avail.
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replied February 14th, 2009
PMR Help

1) Drink fresh clean filtered water. Eat fresh fruit and veg raw if possible.
2) Get as much exercise per day as you can tolerate, get slightly out of breath for 20 to 40 minutes every day is good (Scrubs out the old veins and things (Very technical). Get your doctor to give you the once over first.
3) Avoid excess of fatty sugary, and acid foods.
4) Serrapeptase 1 three times a day on an empty stomach i.e. one hour before and one hour after food.
5) Ashwagandha 1 three time per day with food
6) MSM 1 twice a day should do.
7) A good quality full B complex as recommended.
Try that for 6 to 18 months the pain should go quite quickly and be completely healed within the time spent above.
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