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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I think I have this.

I found this forum because I was looking for a way to cure my insomnia. After looking through this whole board, I saw how good it is, and I would now like to talk about a different problem of mine here. I feel like a right problem person! :oops:

anyways, I seem to have a problem in terms of ocd, which my family and girlfriend think I should seek help for.

I have to touch the corners of rooms all the time, and I have to do it 4 times every time. I have specific points, and corners I have to touch, and I always have to do a certain routine of 'corner touching' before I go to bed.

I just feel as though if I dont do this, something bad will happen to me, like get cancer, or die or something. Now this may sound silly, but I genuinly believe this. I think if I touch these corners, and do these routine's, then ill be better off for it in life.

I have to do this all the time at work too!

Secondly, I have to spit into my hands. Now this may sound absolutely disgusting to you, but I cant help it. I feel like I sometimes get a disease in my mouth, so I spit it out. I often do it when I come across diseased or disabled people. I dont do this often, only when I come across people of these types.

Can anyone give me advice on how to address this? I feel its a bit pathetic to go to the doctors about, and I feel really stupid, but its something I cant help, and is something I have realised that I need to address.
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replied March 26th, 2006
Hey there. This is my first post, and I just found this site. To get on with what I was going to say; what you're going through is, to me, not in the least bit unusual in the case of ocd. I have it now, but just went to the doctor about a week ago and started taking zoloft. My ocd is sometimes checking my oven several times before I go to bed or making sure the front door is locked. I'm 20 years old and i've dealt with it for about six or seven years. By the way, my number was four too, when I went through the repeating phase of ocd. And while I can see that you might not want to go to the doctor for it, I certainly don't see anything wrong with it at all. Good luck!
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replied March 28th, 2006
Cheers m8, nice to hear.

I think I will go to the doctors, I just didn't think there was anything they could do.

Hopefully I will get it sorted! :?
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replied February 21st, 2010
keeping sane!!
hi have had ocd for 40yrs {52 now} please get help and always take your meds. i have seen the top psyc. in adelaide aust. have changed meds 3 times as my body got used to them. taking lovan now, checking, washing hands, repeating myself to others and to myself over and over again, i feel im the best im gunna be nowdays and i am coping really well with lovan, my life is stressful to, as my husband has really bad bipolar and even on his meds, hes still has lots of problems. anyway good luck your not alone!
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