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Should I Be Tested For Diabetes And Hypoglycemia?

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Hi, i'm 17 yrs old and there is a family history of diabetes and hypoglycemia in my family. Recently i've been having more symptoms of that and my blood pressure goes low. Today I couldn't give blood (they took my reading 3 times) because the diastolic reading was around 42 and 45, the first time another lady took it she said that it didn't stop going lower, it went all the way down into the lower 20s, she didn't say what the top number was.... Would my blood pressure be affected this way by having diabetes or hypoglycemia? Should I ask to be tested for them?
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replied March 24th, 2006
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Hi there! Welcome! I have allways have felt that if you are in doubt you should get it checked out as it is betterr than stressing about it and if you do have diabetes or you are hypoglycemia, you can start being treated for it. We are here for you.
Good luck!
Keep us posted on what you find out.
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