If any of you have read my other posts you'll know about this one guy who has ruined my life. Hes still going. Ive begged him to leave me alone, changed my number, even moved house cos of him. He still tells me he cares and wants to be friends. The thing is he says that but every action he does clearly proves the opposite.

I was pressing charges for assualt against him and he begged me to drop them, saying he;'ll see or talk to me everyday to prove he can be a good friend. He hasnt kept up his end of the deal. He may only talk to me 3 days a week, I really hate it. He treats me like crap and wont listen when I tell him im out. Hes a world class manipulator. Now hes got me so low im soooooo considering ending my life just to escape....Nothing else worked, maybe if im dead he'll realise I wanted out.

I dont want to go through this anymore and no matter how often I tell him im done, he'll turn up or call or suck me back in and I hate it.

I want to disappear....And being buried 6ft in the ground is the only way I can see to get him to understand what hes done
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replied March 23rd, 2006
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Get a restraining order!!! And if he tries to come around call the police and have him arrested. I am sure that will give him the message loud and clear.
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replied April 23rd, 2006
Yeah, I agree with the person who replied.
Get a restraining order. Screw him and what he says, he's lying no matter what.
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