I'm only 18 for over a year now, I sometimes get blood in my stool. Not alot but it's enough so that I know it's there. It only happens every few months and lasts for only a couple days before going back to normal. There's no pain, no dirreah, no weight loss.

For these few days, my stool becomes hard and dark colored and I can see the blood come off and go in the water. It's never red, always dark and i've read that this means it's coming from high up in the gi tract.

The reason i'm worried is that my grandfather died of colon cancer and my mom has problems with her colon. Should I be pretty worried about this and go to a doctor to check it out?

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replied March 22nd, 2006
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If you are ever worried about your health it is a good idea to see a doctor. It sounds like constipation and possibly hemmoroids to me - but i'm not a doctor, I couldn't diagnose you.

Good luck!
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