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Heart Attack From Myocarditis - 30 Years Old

My husband recently had a heart attack brought on by myocarditis, he is 30 years old. His first check-up since the episode was great. His heart was on it's way back to functioning at a normal rate. However, this good news does not seem to please him, as he still thinks there is something wrong. He occasionally has burning sensations in the chest, has shortness of breath, can not sleep, and is basically really scared that he will not get better. I know it could be anxiety, but how can I get him to start feeling like he's improving?
He started rehab, but its quite depressing when everyone he works out with suffered from a different heart attack. Is there anyone else who went through this same exact thing?
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replied March 29th, 2006
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In some ways I can relate-i am 32 yr old woman and had a tia (stroke) I thought I was healthy,young, and slim...It is going to go on five months but the first two and half were hell. I couldn't sleep and constantly thought I would die that night. Even when all my blood work came back great I was not convinced.

I recently joined a group that discuss fears as heart attack, stroke, cancer (ask his doctor if they have one of these in your hospital) when you are confronted with death it is one scary thing-especially so young.

It will take time-i am now relaxing way more and I recently decided to do a walk-a-thon for stroke awareness. When the smoke settles do something positive so others can be aware of the danger of heart attacks.

I still get nervous if I wake up in the middle of the night but I calm my self and say "everything will work out." I usually fall right back to sleep

good luck
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replied April 29th, 2006
Don't Worry
First of all myocarditis is an uncommon disease. Secondly, my lecturer said that there is never 100% right or similar in medicine. It is either typical or atypical. A heart disease will always show itself in a spectrum of symptoms. Even in a common heart disease have from artherosclerosis there will quite a number of patient with atypical presentation . Some presentation are so sudden that the person never know it is coming. So, I think your husband should not be worrying if his symptoms are different from others. The important thing to worry about is how well is his heart working not the pattern of his symptoms. The previous result is great so there is nothing to worry about. Go for a consultation from a doctor or cardiologist so that he can manage his life. I think it is better if he know ways to make himself better. At least his anxiety could be channel into efforts to make himself healthy. :d
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