I have fibro,and was recently given a prescription for topomax,by a physican who specialises in fibro.My question is:have you heard of this medication for this condition?My drug plan will not cover the cost,so I would like to hear if you have had any other people prescribed this medication for this.(i also suffer from ibs,and headaches,some migraines)
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replied March 20th, 2006
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Topomax has helped with my headaches some but not too much with the fibromyalgia but we are all different as faras medications go. It is not a cheap medication for sure if you check into the internet their is a plaace that will give you a trial of 42 pills 25mg. For free you might want to check it out, all you have to do is to print out the paper work , fill it out take it to your dr and ask for your dr to write a prescription for the trial of 42 25 mg tabs, if it is still going on, one reason that I did like it was becaause it helped me to loose weight but I also have other medical problems other then fibro, the main thing is is to keep moving and to realize that you will have your bad days and their is truly some bad thing that I do not like about it was that the tiredness you feel almost all of the time the memory thing along with the achiness but with all of my other medical problemsss I cannot tell one thing from the other. I use immitrex for my migrines,it dooes help as long as I take it as I just feel it comming on and it too is expensive. Can't you fight your insurance over paying for it, sometimes drs write the wrong code or some dumb reason like that.
Good luck!
Keep me posted, I would like to know about how you are doing.
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