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Were stuck on the boys name atm please help us by giving your oppionion on ur fav. The surname is going to b hatch so here r r ravourites so far:
darren, daniel, thomas, jack, lee, benjamin, damion, aaron, alex, brian
(please help!!! Its would b very appreciated, thankx)
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First Helper iHATEfakers

replied March 19th, 2006
Out of your list I like:

though I like alexander better with alex as a nickname
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replied March 1st, 2011
i really like Alex. I have 4 little ones and all of their names begin with vowels. I'm having a boy and I'm stuck. I have an Owen, an Adam, an Evan, and an Ava. Please help me find a good name that will match but still sounds nice. Thanks!!!
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replied March 4th, 2011
Very cool name builder
I like Lee and Alex! My husband and I were having the same problem with boy names. We ended up going with Logan Evan. We actually used this new online app to generate a bunch of names and ended up taking that to the hospital with us!!! Super cool.
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replied June 27th, 2018
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Daniel sounds great to me.
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