I finally received some of my old lab tests. Was wondering if anyone knows what a high ch50 means. My antinuclear antibody came back positive, ana pattern speckled and titer 1:80. This is when they dx me with lupus. But when I took these results to a differant Dr. He told me I only had fibromyalgia not lupus. Any insight wouyld be appreciated.
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replied January 6th, 2004
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It has been my experience that some doctors say an ana of 1:80 is positive and others say it is negative. Remember you *can* have lupus with a negative or positive ana. My current doctor, for example, considers 1:80 negative. *shrug* the previous doctor considered 1:80 borderline and would re-run it several times when symptoms were worse than before. To be honest, I have never dealt with this situation. My ana was definitely positive. Is there anyone that can give better insight to this dilemma?

Also, there are *no* tests, that I know of, for fibro. Do you know any other tests they ran? If not, I would call and get a copy of them. There is no *one* test that can determine lupus. It is a combination of tests combined with medical history that allow for a diagnosis.

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