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Thigh Bumps

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recently I have noticed many bumps under the skin of my inner thigh. These bumps feel like small balls of some sort that can be moved slightly almost like cartalidge. If squeezed they sometimes hurt. They are numerous and only recently have I noticed them.

They appear to mostly be on my right thigh and there are very easy to find and feel, on the left they are slgihtly harder to find and there are less of them. Really unsure as to what they may be.

Ive gained about 15 pounds over the winter and some fat is on my thighs that has never been there before so that may or may not have something to do with it.

Im a 21 year old male, 6', 200 lbs, decent condition.

If anyone has any idea or needs more informationa nd can tell me what to look for to describe here it would be very appreciated.

Thank you,
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replied April 16th, 2009
me too!
I'm a female with the same problem! they hurt when touched/squeezed and are annoying. you want to pinch them like a zit but they are skin and don't go away.
I work out and sometimes get irritation and sweat in that area, not sure if this has any relation.
i'm 27, have been with the same sexual partner for over 3 years, and i think have had some of these break outs in the past before, but recently it's been the worst. and i'm sick of them!
i'd like to know the cause and treatment.
have you had any luck?
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replied December 26th, 2009
bumps on thighs
i have bumps on my inner thigh, and on the inside of my knee. it is under the skin, it is not red or hot. it hurts sometimes when i bend my knees that on the inside of my thighs are going to bust open. if i run my legs are heavy and i can hardly move them. i had a sonagram and it showed blood flow was normal. i had and xray and it showed nothing. i was told to get a mri. i haven't done it yet does anyone no what it could be?
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