I was just wondering how much epilepsy affects your everyday life?
Does it make your emotions go crazy?
Can it give you really bad head aches?
Can it make you just want to puke out of no were?

One of my teachers had it so I was just wondering and she did not really want to talk about it. Thank you to the people that feel comfortable leaving the information. Thanks for reading
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replied March 20th, 2006
I think the personal impact of epilepsy runs the gamout from all consuming to after thought and the determining factor is how well the seizures are controlled (or not).

When the seizures are severe (tcs), frequent and unpredictable, epilepsy can be very debilitating. Frequent petit mal seizures with no tcs can be a pain, but don't preclude living a fairly normal life.
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replied May 31st, 2006
Re:just Wondering
Karra answer to your question, I know you can live a normal life when you have epilepsy. When it's under control you can do anything other people can. Topamax is a good drug for controlling epilepsy in most. I know this for a fact. If anyone is not on topamax they might want to see their doctor about this. Of course there is also brain sugury, but that would be a last for most of course. Hope this helps, ltjt
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