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Can I Possible Be Pregnant?

I am a 29 yr old female with no insurance and no regular ob/gyn. I have no childern and I have had 3 miscarriages and one abortion when I was younger, I was told by the last ob that I did see that if I were to ever become pregnant again that I would have to retain on a 9 month bed rest . My problem that I am worried about though is I had a period in feb. On the 20th and I ovulated on the 7th of this month and I had intercourse on the 6th. On the 11th I experienced a spotting that went to the color of brownish pink to just a brownish color and then it vanish. On the 12 th there was nothing there and then on the 13th it happened again almoxt the same way. And then it stopped and happened again on the 16th (yesturday) I am due to have a cycle on the 20th- 21st, could this be my cycle or could I be pregnant. ( I read some where that implantation bleeding is similar to what I am experiencing) could that be it? I am confused and cant recieve any medical asst. @ this time. Any one out there please help me.....

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replied March 17th, 2006
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It sounds like pregnancy is a possiblility. You should be able to do a hpt in a few days.
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replied March 19th, 2006
Thanks Abbysmom
I wanna thank you for your response. I am still in the same boat right now and I am still spotting that started back on the 16 th and the tint has gone to just a brownish color with only a little of pink,i still havent experienced any cramping or pain. I dont know what to do it is close to time for my af( like in 1 day) I still need for some one to give me more advice so anyone else with anything else to offer plz. Feel free
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