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Woken At Night With Arm Pain, Numbness And Tingling

For about 1 year I am woken up once or twice every night by pain in my right arm. The arm is numb, tingles (worst in the hand) and is cold. After 2-5 mins shaking and letting it hang down it clears. In the day same symptoms if using a strong grip, like the handlebars on a bike. Symptoms never occur in my other arm, and the positioning of the left arm seems to make no difference (eg: if hanging down when asleep symptoms still occur). Seems to be getting slowly worse. Help!!
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replied May 13th, 2006
C5/6 Disc Compression
I have been diagnosed with right formical disc protrusion in c5/6 which has completely compromised the right c6 foramen and has compressed the nerve root..

I have had a nerve block which has relieved my arm pain.

But I have been on 150mg zydol,2.5mg vallium and 50mg anti inflamatries twice a day for 8 months now..

Constant head aches and neck pain has returned since gp has cut my med down..(so I can use machinery at work)..

I hope your situation isnt like mine..

I have been told by my physio to push my chin back while standing tall, this recreates the arm pain so I dont do it.

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replied July 28th, 2006
Hey martin,
I read your problem and felt the need to reply, I do not know whether my answer is accurate for your situation, but its just a thought. Your probably putting too much preasure on that particular arm both in the day and during the night. Maybe at night your leaning on it? You said if you hang your arm off the bed it goes, try keeping your arm out of the bed all night if you can! Also you may have something wrong with the nerves in your arm, trapped nerve maybe? Sometimes things like this can also be brought on by stress!! Anyway I would advise you to see a doctor as I am only a teenager, so I can only give some ideas on what it maybe, the information I have given may not be even relavant with your case, however I did try!
Luff yall bekki xx
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replied August 11th, 2006
Do you by any chance have carpal tunnel syndrome?
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replied February 23rd, 2014
Problem solved
I had this exact set of symptoms. After a nerve conduction test, my ortho did bilateral carpal tunnel surgeries. This, oddly, didn't fix anything. He knew I had a slightly crushed cervical disc, so he thought it might be a pinched nerve nerve. Then he pointed out the median and ulnar nerves are vulnerable to direct pressure on the elbow (the side closer to the shoulder). He indicated some postures would put pressure on these nerves causing the symptoms: sleeping on my side of back, or reading while lying on my back, with my elbows resting on a surface such as the mattress. One quick experiment: while lying on my back reading, my hands started going numb, so I raised my elbows off the bed. In a few moments, changing nothing else, my hands went back to normal. Now when I sleep I use various postures which don't allow any direct pressure on my upper elbows. Problem solved.
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