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I Cannot Be Stressed Because I Can Handle It!

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Thanks for the forum. I am looking at some advice from those that are more knowledgeable that I on the subject.

With a recent loss in my family I developed dry mouth within days. I started to feel dizzy, unfocused, loss of appetite, and lost weight due to this.

I went for a medical and 11 vials of blood were drawn over 2 test periods. Nothing. Doctor finally said it must be stress and I refuted as I explained to him that I am a very strong person that deals with stress all of the time and there is no way possible that I could allow stress to get to me like this.

He ordered up one more test-an hiv test. :shock: though I am considered low risk based on my lifestyle I knew hiv does not discriminate. During the 2 days I waited for the test results my symptoms became worse. Now that I know that I am negative my symptoms subsided a little which opened up my eyes.

Could a person such as myself that has dealt with tragedy in the past with their head up high finally build up enough that stress can actually break them down?

Thank you in advance.
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replied March 18th, 2006
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Cut yourself some slack. A death in the family will put major stress on you. Possibly your not dealing with the death or are in denial.
Either way a loss can defintely cause physical symptoms...As you've described, with apetite, sleep, strength etc.
You need to deal with the loss emotionally.
No matter how "strong" you its usual to have stress and depression following a loss for a period of time (depending on how close they were to you).
I reccommend getting through the loss.
The physical symptoms will go away once you've dealt with the loss.
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