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**are U At Risk? Asbestos/mesothelioma -must Check!!

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You would be surprised who is at risk!!

below is a list of industrial sites, occupations, and products related to asbestos. In addition to workers, family members may be at risk and should be tested.

industrial sites -oil refineries -power plant -railroad -residents of towns with former asbestos

manufacturing plants -shipyards -steel mills

workers in old buildings

contractors working on an old building can often stir up asbestos fibers that can poison the workers in the building.

Maritime occupations

longshoremen -merchant marines -u.S. Navy veterans

construction trades & other occupations

automotive mechanics -boilermakers -bricklayers -carpenters -electricians -insulators -iron

workers -laborers

maintenance workers -millwrights -plasterers -plumbers -sheet metal workers -steam fitters -tile
setters -welders

partial list of dangerous products
acoustical panels/plaster -brake linings -fireproof aprons -fire brick -floor tiles -gasket material -glassblower mitts -pipe covering -insulation
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