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December 23rd, 2011
Hi I hope I write this ok as at the moment - I am having many issues with vision also.

I just want to say that it is important that if your condition and symptoms continue - that you get full medical treatment.

I suffer from an advanced neuro-physiological condition - and the journey for that has been horrendous as my original symptoms did not fit into any one typical diagnosis - i.e. they started with MS - then to Parkinsons and then back to MS. In between was poisioning and radiation exposure and poisoning. Most insultingly was a long period of my potentially making up my illness - this was not only insulting but detrimental to receiving medical support - particularly as I have had severe crippling episodes and bed rest over three years - giving up a successful career. Diagnosis issues were mainly because my first MRI did not show up lesions and partly because of people prejudices against the disease and lack of knowledge. Many think it is a mental health condition only.

Back to the eye. I have suffered eye issues during my last year of episodic collapse. Always they came right again after max six weeks. Three months ago I had another bout - started with the symptoms you all describe and I thought migraine at first. But condition worsened and I now have very limited vision. I could no longer wear contacts or glasses - as it was painful to concentrate and focus. Not wearing is also painful and I can't see - and a week ago I made it to a doctor who immediately referred me for hospital to check optic neuritis - as I displayed these symptoms.
The end result is the specialist who was almost too busy to see me in the hospital diagnosed me with 'dirty contact lenses'. This was despite knowing my long term condition - and despite I had told him I had just purchased and inserted the contacts one week earlier. I even took the script in and the package with me - which contradicted his comment that the lenses purchased in Asia were 'old'. (Most contacts purchased are manufactured there anyway). I also told him I had rubbed my eyes all day because of the bright light so was not surprised they were dirty - but my condition had been for three months. He didn't want to hear and almost pushed me out the door - telling me not to wear contacts. In other words trying to dispute with me instead of listening.

Any person with half a brain would know that if a person presents with optic neuritis symptoms that might also include symptoms of keratitis (contact lense infection) and the person had only been wearing contacts for a week - dirty or not - its not the cause of the main condition is it?

But he'd made up his mind in a busy schedule and I was an 'overseas' person so he shoved me out the door and told me visit a medical specialist in my country of residence when I return in March.

So lets look at the implications of this. Great I do not have optic neuritis (if I trust his judgement). But lets assume that sketchy not thought through diagnosis of contact lenses was more than a diagnosis to explain to a foreign patient why he didn't want to spend anymore time on them after determining it wasn't a MS flare up. Keratitis can be equally as dangerous to a persons vision - it can cause blindness if left untreated. Assuming I had dirty contact lenses for 3 months and impacted vision - there would have to be an underlying condition and a form or bacterial or fungal keratitis is most likely. However with the lack of any depth of consultation (not even full check for optic neuritis took place in the hospital) - any condition - fungal, bacterial, viral or disease might be possible. Dirty lenses and assumed protein build up (after one week?) do not result in the same symptoms I suffer. Oh and there is one more thing. I had come from Asia after collapsing with not only MS but contracted a serious tropical virus that saw me bedridden for months. This history was written in the hospital specialist notes.

So what is wrong with this story? The specialist asked me 'do you have an occupation? - knowing I am MS related). I am doing study at the moment I said. "Oh that's good you try to do that" he said with a probably not intended overt patronizing tone in his voice. (Immediately I thought of his impatience as I had fumbled cognitively through the tests he took - not because of mental capacity - but because stress impacts my ability to receive and process information under pressure - I decided not to clarify that my 'study' was a Law PHD thesis that I undertake with my disability.

Instead I tried to clarify how dirty lenses could be the reason for my three month bout of eye illness. "I really haven't been wearing contacts until I purchased them in Malaysia with the Optomitrist a week ago. He was the one who said I should see a specialist and did not change my script. I said - adding "I have the receipt". "They were unopened" he said. I had two packs I replied - I brought in the new pack to show you the script. "I'm not accusing you of lying" he said shortly. "So what will I do, I countered. I can't even wear my glasses". He didn't want to hear that and had closed down on me. "I'll write a letter to your doctor". I said nothing - I knew I had just been sidelined. Why - unknown. My guess is that knowing I was only in the country of my birth and citizenship visiting family when trying to receive treatment - he didn't want to spend any time with me after establishing whether or not I was an acute 'life threatening' situation. Seeing me in the flesh and racing me through a few shaky tests was enough for him to decide - and I guessed he'd included the frequently assumed 'madey up' symptoms that some MS type sufferers have to deal with - i.e. medical professionals have often claimed that patients 'make up' symptoms like MS or MS sufferers are predominantly psychologically impacted. Whatever the prejudice - I knew I was going no further with this diagnosis.

So I left the hospital with new 'clean' contacts inserted and for a few hours my eyes were slightly better. This unfortunately was most likely he used topical drops in one neuritis test that he advised included an anaesthetic to slow down the rapid movement of my eyes he said (which kind of proves that he knew I didn't just have dirty contact lenses). After this burning liquid wore off a few hours later - I was back to they way I was before during and after the contact lens saga.

The reason I have told this story is because it is highly possible the specialist may have been right. But it is equally possible a specialist maybe wrong and the tell tale signs of this appears when the person from the outset displays lack of time or care during the visit. In my case the specialist was young - but displayed human compassion and genuine concern. But it was obvious he didn't have time - I had been queue jumped and he just wanted to identify my criticality. From a legal perspective - doctors do have special category duty of care to their patients. But we as their clients are likely to be much happier if situations that cause harm and damage to our person do not arise from negligence or mistreatment.

In other words - if your condition has been fobbed off by a doctor or whoever and continues - and you know you are not a rampant hypochondriac - don't wait until you've gone blind or suffered significant hardship - seek another opinion. In my story - any number of scenarios could be correct - from minimal to serious. Often serious illnesses and minor illnesses share common symptoms - so there is no point thinking the worst - nor is there any point thinking the least and doing nothing - then worrying or waiting until to late for proper treatment.

The ultimate moral of my story is - trust your own judgement and care for your own health. If a diagnosis or treatment doesn't feel right - or your symptoms persist or haven't adequately been 'explained away' - then find someone who can help you. I have learned this after three years of a massive healing journey.

Stress can cause eye problems. Simply the lack of oxygen to the brain can affect a person in all kinds of ways. But if you are suffering from blurred vision and other symptoms that do not improve - it is obvious that you have more than a temporary migraine. It might be something simple. Contact lenses can cause issues with vision. Eye strain. But if symptoms enduring - then take the trouble to find out and don't be fobbed off. Your eyes are precious.
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replied January 29th, 2012
diagnosis recc 4 the side effects most here are experiencing
Its called migraine with aura. Esp the numbness on the arm. ). This website has been a great resource. yes its for some herbal remedy pill but the information is all i want. This article from the site describes a bit I have daily informational notifications and emails daily. One of them caught my eye the day i was checking into the hospital emerg room. Just before the nuero arrived and read the article and was so surprised. She arrived and confirmed my suspicion. I FINALLY had a name for it. Now we're just trying to control it since i have them 7days a week, and if i get a break its 5days . Ask your nuero next time you visit. Feel better
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replied February 11th, 2012
Hi, i have been having problems focusing too. my symptoms seem very similar to mine however i find it hard to focus on people's faces and text sometimes, its almost like theres something else in my focus blocking the true image if that makes sense? i can still read but its a struggle. i have glasses but they dont help as the text isnt blury its just hard to see in a true form (almost as if the words are moving around the page)i am very sensitive to bright lights too where it hurts my eyes. has anybody had these symptoms as i have suffered minorly for 8 years and i have started a new job and they have worsened. i went to the doctors yesterday and when i explained the symptoms like this she looked at me as if i was mad which worries me more. please help...
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replied July 11th, 2013
I really think its your sinuses that causes a lot of your vision problems. So get that checked and i hope that helps you all out.
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replied July 20th, 2013
I need help my body doesn't function properly
At same things been happing to me and I know it's not anxiety because I I've been in drama for 4 years and wrestling for five.My eyes started to sting at first then I would get numb if I tried to relax. Belive it or not but I think this disorder been affecting the people around me.i need help this has been going on months my life's a living hell I need help
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replied August 19th, 2013
Kyon did you ever get better? Did you find a resolution to your problem. The same thing has been happening to me for years and I get dizzy in line ups cause I cant focus. I rather just stay home all the time. Doctors and eye doctors cant find anything wrong with me.
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replied August 22nd, 2013
Whats wrong?!
I have the same symptoms!. Out of nowhere my eyes can't focus on anything. Then comes the headache. I get nausea. I take naps and my eyes and head stop hurting but i stay weak and i can still feel my headache but its bearable there are days where I'm sensitive to light. I don't try to look at light that reflects off cars. I feel that loke my eyes always sensitive. Do know what the problem os. Its not stress
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replied October 7th, 2013
been like this my whole life--I think it started because I was an introvert & small in frame & no self -confidence-& this is the price i'm paying for faking thru life & bravado--etc. it's like I don't have a right to be normal & have a say on anything--maybe living somewhat in my own little world--and staying clear of commitments--because I don't trust myself to do what is necessary to be part of the--mainstream--a little "maverick" blood is probably not helping matters---but I do the best that I can ! watash
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replied November 15th, 2013
eye problems
Has anyone found any solutions or diagnosis? Sound off anyone who has, because it seems that many of us are still in the dark. I wonder if we should create a support group somewhere for this, because many of us who have these problems know that it isn't stress induced, though it definitely makes it worse or affects it.

It seems that some of the people who are posting here are suffering from migraines with auras, and that there are others who are suffering from an undiagnosed condition(s).

I have problems similar to Tinkers, which include problems focusing on peoples faces, and text on computer screens (reading books is easier). I have constant blue-entropic pheneomena whenever I look at the sky outside (tiny moving lines/dots, different from floaters which move slower), and this also seems to be triggered by lights/refractive surfaces. Other issues include ghosting, and after images when watching shows or staring at objects in certain lighting conditions. Oh and what started it all off, increased sensitivity to lights/esp. car lights at night.

Some may want to check out vestibular disorder, visual snow, migraines with aura, chiari malformation, or MS. Post any other ideas here. Another possibility is gluten intolerance or ataxia, which can even affect your eyes. Please post ideas, solutions, diagnosis, or even just respond back if your still looking for an answer, because if many of us are still looking then perhaps we will have to band together if we want to find a solution to our problems. Thanks for your time.
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replied February 17th, 2014
Eye focus or anxiety
I also have been having problems with my eyes as well, seem like there feels like a lot pressure surrounding my for head and eye area a long with focusing problems, I do have generalized anxiety disorder, I noticed when I get a little moody or something bugs me... my anxiety gets worse hence the eye pressure and soreness around my eyes even my forehead. so im not to sure if its my anxiety or anything else... I do see a Neurologist which she has prescribed (Nortryptiline) for the pain in my head.

but its almost constant, I seen a specialist for my Head, Nose, Ears Doctor, Psychologist, Neurologist, and family physician Ophthalmologist & Optometrist. Ive seen them all!

but yet I still get this pain around my eye and forhead. mind it hasnt been bad for the past week or so... but it comes and goes.

I am on. Blood pressure meds (Trial) for Anxiety as well as Cipralex 10MG, Lorazepam, 1MG, Nortriptiline 10MG.

But yet I still get these pains in my eyes and forehead.

I recently done a 3D MRI of my head completely but obviously it was a waste of money and time... cause nothing was there.

so now im baffled on what to do or......?
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replied September 23rd, 2014
I am not stressed but all of a sudden when I drive it looks as though the middle line in the road and the side line come together to form a v and also sometimes I see 2 sidelines if I close one eye or the other my vision is normal what could this be
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replied December 28th, 2014
This may help. I, too, have had trouble focussing my eyes. I am long sighted and wear glasses for reading etc and at first thought I needed stronger glasses as I have not had new ones for about four years. I went to one optometrist and she said my glasses were already exactly right. Just to be sure, I went to another one and he said exactly the same thing! Then I started concentrating on what was happening and when. Whenever these "attacks" came on, my near vision was fine (stuck focus) but I couldn't focus further away, like for watching TV. And it always seemed to be in my dingy study. I put 100W bulbs in the lights but that didn't help. Then I realised that the attacks always happened during or just after working on solving Sudoku puzzles which I love and do very often! The problem is that I like to time myself and try to solve them as quickly as possible. This involves rapid eye movement to all areas of the puzzle under concentrated pressure for 40 minutes or more. When I stop this and give my eyes a rest for a few hours then the attacks go away. But while it is happening, I'm almost in panic mode. I am a retired teacher and generally not very stressed but could it be that some of you highly stressed people out there also have rapid eye movements over long periods of time or is it maybe just the stress trying to tell you to ease up?
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