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Draining Blood Rush On My Left Side of Head/down Left Neck

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Hi there. I could really use some advice here badly because I am very worried. Three years ago, a lump was found on my right thyroid. I had scans done (everything was normal with the thyroid) but it was a cold nodule so it had to be biopsied. The biopsy came out benign and the lump was never removed (because it wasn't going to grow and it wasn't affecting the thyroid). Fast forward to now (2006). I've had many symptoms to accompany this pain--so I am having a very hard time pinpointing it--it has been extremely frustrating. I was suffering from on/off chest pains/pain under the left rib--accompanied with feelings of passing out. It would've been easy for me to just blow it off as plain anxiety but I was having these reactions in non-anxious situations (relaxing at home/driving--things that wouldn't spark anxiety reactions for me). I had a chest ct scan which came out normal. The pain under the left rib is always there (constant)--the pain in the chest comes and goes. My abdomen has been feeling very sore--not sure if I can explain this--but I feel like the blood is draining out of me--feeling--the same goes for the left side of my head and down (along) the the left side of my neck. I've had bad headaches on and off--and my left ear has that draining of blood feeling as well (as pulsating feelings)--where I can actually hear pulses. The pain in my head feels like a blood rush (like if you did a headstand--for a couple of minutes) and then stand upright feeling. I am very scared because I have felt extremely tired lately and feel extremely drained from this. My glands feel swollen on the left side where all this pain is and I can actually feel the lump if I turn my head to the left side. I just don't like the drained (of blood feeling)--that is the part that is worrying me the most (especially in my head, left side of neck, and stomach).

I had an abdominal ct scan on tuesday of this week and don't know the results yet. I had a very hard time holding my breath for these tests--and actually had to release my breath a couple of times because I felt like I was going to black out. To make matters worse, a doctor comes in and asks me if my doctor ever mentioned me having high blood pressure. I always get my blood pressure checked when I go to the doctor and the last time it was 128 over not sure--but was told it was normal. I know this is not in my head because I feel so drained inside from this--and my head hurts (as well as the draining feeling in the abdomen). I'm proably going to get my thyroid ultrasound done sometime soon--and the last doctor visit I went before this ct scan--i had a urine test done--and they saw blood in it--so I was put on the antibiotic cipro...This antibiotic doesn't seem to help--refer to everything i've been feeling above--this is how i'm feeling even taking cipro=the draining of blood feeling down the left side of my neck--also is behind my left ear/lower left side of head.

Can anybody here please give me some advice---so I can get help for this. I feel so exhausted with all of this. I've tried researching this on my own---because I am so tired during the day--i know 100% its not from stress, anxiety and if its in my head (i would agree--because that is where the majority of my pain has been--no pun intended).

I just get so frustrated because of the time in between--and maybe it sounds irrational but just wanting answers instead of waiting--the doctor that asked me about high blood pressure just left it at that--she didn't give me anymore specifics--let me know if her questions were in correlation with anything she was seeing on the abdominal ct scan...Nothing---i have had episodes (many) where I feel like i'm just going to pass out--and i'm not stressed out before feeling that way

this pain is just making me physically feel drained--and I don't even know why there was blood in my urine--my doctor didn't even tell me why on that--just took out his prescription pad and wrote me up cipro (antibiotic to take).

The pain on the left side of my neck(back of neck and along it) and the left side of my head has felt constant lately...That is where I feel like the blood is draining out of me. I'm sorry if this sounds gross but I don't know how else to describe this feeling without the graphics.

I thought someone on here might be able to help me.I would appreciate if anyone could give me some useful information on what this might be so I can get some useful tests done. I'm just not feeling too good--and I know this sounds like i'm worrying--but I don't want to die---and lately with the drained feeling---that is how I feel.

Thank you.
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replied May 22nd, 2009
same symptoms
did you find out your diagnosis? My daughter is experiencing the similar symptoms( she also has severe asthma) and I am not really getting anywhere..any help is appreciated!!!
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replied August 2nd, 2009
Look up intracranial hypertension. I have the exact same symptoms and will be seeing a neurologist soon. I got my info. totally from the internet. I really believe this is what I have now.
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replied September 15th, 2009
rush feeling in my head
i have the same feelings. I was diagnosed with an brain aneurysm and hydrocepalus. I have Enlarged ventricles in my brain. Ask for a cta and mri both with contrast. Hope you feel better.
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replied November 8th, 2010
I have been getting these symptoms, especially the feeling of the blood being drained from my head feel it going into neck, chest then abdo with the sensation of heaviness in my body and if i don't sit down i feel like i will pass out this is with heart palps and chest and abdo pain. Its very scary but I have had no diagnosis.
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replied February 27th, 2012
Ferritin levels
I have experienced the rush of blood to the head, palpitations and almost fainting and this was due to my ferritin levels being really low. I could hear my heart beat and hear and feel the whoosh of blood from my ear to brain. Get a blood test to check ferritin levels.
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