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I am a 47 female who has had her gallbladder removed a week ago today. In the past two days I have tried to return to some type of normal sexual activity, however as soon as I am remotely arroused I get this searing and uncontrollable headache, I have never experienced such pain in my life. I cannot got through with the relationship, it is so bad I get to the point of almost fainting,the headache can last anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, can anyone help.

replied March 13th, 2006
After Gallbladder Surgery
Hi.. Sorry to hear this.. Hey.. Im having gallbladder problems now.. I cant wait to go back to sex to after surgery.. I had recieved a new kidney and was also worried as to how I felt afterwards to have sex.. I think the mind can get you all crazy.. I had a small headache also.. I think ..Due to the stress of it all.. After all ..You did have an operation.. But then again.. This was mths ago.. Im ok now.. Never got it back again and I have sex once weekly!
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