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Bad Period

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Menstruation is a woman's normal monthly menstrual period. But what are the signs of abnormal periods? When is vaginal bleeding serious?...
Regular vaginal bleeding vagina is a sign of healthy menstruation. What signs and symptoms point to menstrual problems? Read on to learn the difference....
Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of an irregular period to prevent larger problems later...
So I started my period wednesday, and today I was hurting and bleeding so much that I put on my weekly patch for birth control even though I was supposed to wait until next tuesday. Does anyone know what might make the hurting subside a little or at least to get the bleeding to slow down some? I'm so tired, sore, and so drained of energy that I can barely stand to sit at the computer, much less do anything else and it's only been one day! I've been trying to keep eating to keep my iron normal, but i'm even too tired to go to the kitchen just to get anything. Any positive comments would be appreciated :)
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replied March 10th, 2006
I take mefenamic acid for period pain. Every time I get my period it screws up my insides... I get a dodgy tummy and all. Mefenamic acid makes all the symptoms and swollen feeling go away.

I think it's available readily in chemists, but maybe you should check with your doctor first?
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replied March 11th, 2006
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They've put me on different nsaids before, which is pretty much what you described to me. All they do is make me sick to my stomach, and the way i've been bleeding lately probably wouldn't be helped by that. Thank you for telling me about it though.
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