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to Those Living With Cholinergic Urticaria....

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I wanted to start a thread wondering how you guys go along your daily lives. I'm 21 and have only had it for a couple months but its getting so bad that my life has pretty much stopped. I had to quit my job for now, i'm not going to school, and I can barely leave the house. I can't go out with friends anymore because it's gotten so bad. Stress/anxiety has a lot to do with mine and can trigger it anytime. It went from being a discomfort/ itchiness to the worst physical pain i've ever felt. It's spread to my legs and the pain is unbelieveable. How do you guys live your lives like this?
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replied March 22nd, 2006
Hey cfm7, I also suffer severely from cholinergic urticaria. They have yet to stop my life as much as they have yours, but then again I have very accepting friends and i've come to terms with looking sort of weird every now and then. As far as living with it I really haven't i've had it since about grade 11 and i'm now in my 2nd year of university. I was hoping by now they would have disappered, but no luck. Recently with the end of winter, they have gotten much worse but I believe it is due in part to the thawing of the ground, putting all the crap that was frozen in the snow airbourne. Also the budding of trees and renewal of growing season for most allergenic plants probably worsened the reacitons, which now occur in severe forms over 3 times a day. As far as a cure, well i've seen every specialist and tried every method and nothing works. I am soon entering homeopathic regimens and i'll keep you posted with the results. As far as medicational regimens depending on seasonality the following worked for me:

1. Winter: zaditen (ketofen fumuarte) 6 tablets daily - 3 before bed, 3 mid-afternoon
2. Rest of the year: benadryll (3 a day) and allegra (24 hour non-drowsy - 2 tablets before bed and 2 mid afternoon)

hope some of this helps you and at the least gives you comfort knowing you are not alone.

... Pim brouwers
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replied March 24th, 2006
I can tell you for nearly 95% of the urticaria people I have talked to on this forum, they all get fixed when they start getting rid of laundry detergent.

Use baking soda to wash your clothes and toss away all your old clothes. Buy all new clothes, bed sheets, pillow cases anything that touch your body.

My best guess right now is that the laundry detergent residue stays on your skin and are practically invisible. And when you go under heat/high temperature, the residue falls right in while your skin pores just open up.
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