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Stuffy Nose When Trying to Sleep

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My dad and I both have this problem. When I go to sleep my nose gets stuffy and I cannot breathe through it. I have to breathe through my mouth and it gives me really bad dry mouth all day long. I have had allergy tests, all negative and can breathe fine through my nose during the day. Its only when I lie down to sleep that it gets stuffy. Can anyone help me out?
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First Helper stuffedup

replied July 9th, 2009
I have a similar problem, though i do have a bit of a stuffy nose during the day.

It is just because when you lie down the mucus in the nose moves and becomes a problem to sleep.
Try sleeping with your head and chest propped up above the rest of your body,this normally helps. Also maybe try sleeping on your side, I find one side of my nose will clear and at least you can breath through that side.
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