Hey all.

I was just wondering about the size of the foreskin opening for you guys. I've measured mine at roughly 1.1 cms, which seems really small. I have no major problems. I have recently begun stretching the opening and was just wondering how long you think it will be before I can pull the foreskin over the glans (for the first time in my life!) only real problem I have is that it puts me off sex, I do all I can to avoid it and am really pi**ed off with it.

Anyway to recap, what was your diameter and how long till retraction? Also what methods did you use?

Any help/info will be greatly appreciated, cheers.
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replied July 15th, 2011
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MreMan; u r asking the wrong question and asking the wrong people; do u have a dr and if so he or she can help u and this is where u should direct your question and be willing to go for the answer because this is really a minor problem and I hope u don't turn it into an major problem for no intelligent reason.
do u have access to a dr
best wishes
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