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Gum/teeth Bleeding

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I was sitting on the couch about 10 minutes ago and I felt my top gum where it meets with the tooth with my tonge and I tasted blood. I went and spit in the sink no doubt it was blood. It started bleeding out of no where. What could have caused my gum to just start bleeding?
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replied March 19th, 2006
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It could be a dental problem - gingvitis. And if so.. Your gums would most likely appear swollen or red.

It could also be a sign of kidney problems. Go see a doctor to be safe. Good luck =d
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replied March 20th, 2006
Also it could be a sign of cavities.
The reason I say cavities is because when you eat too many sweets or sugary products your teeth began to bleed a little or alot because when you brush your teeth you didn't make sure all of the sweets where out of your teeth.
Best thing I can tell you is to go visit your dentist and get a root canal and teeth cleaning check up, just to be safe.
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