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:? I think I do.. I have hair practically everywhere on my body:

on my arms and legs
upper arms and thighs
back and shoulders
between my breasts
around my nipples
and my bottom!!
Oh and on my face in really weird places like my upper cheek and my forehead...
And I also sweat from my scalp when I exercise.. It's really annoying!
Does that mean I have hirsutism? And if I do have it, what should I do? Should I go to a doctor?
If I go to a doctor, how is he/she going to diagnose me, r they just gonna take blood tests or what?
Plzzzz replyyy i'm so confused...
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replied April 1st, 2006
1st Steps In Diagnosing Hirsutism
I've read everything there is in med journals & the net. So far, it sounds like the dr will do a visual test using the ferriman... Or something model. Basically they look at 9-11 (depending on article you read) areas of the body to determine the type and amount of hair growth and use a a scale to categorize it. They can also do blood tests to determine the amount of hormones and particular enzymes your body, glands, etc. Are producing. Some articles I read stated that there could also be ultrasounds, ct scans, mris, etc. My suggestion would be to go see your doctor b/c they should be able to give the most informed opinion.
I plan on seeing a medical professional about this, but can anyone recommend either a general physician, endocrinologist or a dermatologist in the dc metro area who has experience in diagnosing this condition? I know that it can take an indefinite amount of time to reduce the amount of excess hair, but i'm open to anything now.
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