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In Need of Help-sore Throat On One Side For Months.

New here and in need of some help. Three months ago I went to the md and said I had pain on rt side when I swallowed it was around the ear- without even looking at me or running some tests right away the answer was tmj. Went to an ent and he put a scope down my throat and sinuses and didnt see any abnormalities, even did a ct scan and did not make a tmj diagnosis- pretty much unsure.

Now is where I am panicking it is terrible pain when I swallow on right side of my throat(by my adams apple), and the ear pain has diminished but it now feels tender around adams apple also. Should I go back to the ent or dentist(tmj)? Can a ent make a tmj diagnosis or is it the dentist? I was a smoker and this made me quit because I am freeking out. My jaw does click alot and ears pop alot also and there is an upper right tooth that needs work also. I am hoping it is tmj cause dont want to even think about the c word. Hope to hear from ya! Thanks.
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First Helper LorraineC

replied March 4th, 2006
I can't tell you positively you have tmj. It sounds like you could. Tmj has a wide variety of symptoms and you do describe some known ones.

What to do? - go to a dentist who knows tmj. Not all dentists do so you need to do some research. The following websites are excellent sources to find a specialist in your area:

american academy of craniofacial pain

american board of orofacial pain
http://abop.Med-office.Com/index.Asp?Type= b_dir&sec={83a45d51-120c-40fb-a20e-e41 1a0837dfb}

american society of temporomandibular surgeons

in the meantime, if it is tmj, the pain you are experiencing could be the muscle that runs down the neck and has several tmj trigger points.

Http://www.Triggerpoints.Net/_sgt/m1m1_1.H tm

if you think this could be the problem - you can try and change your posture and neck position to be more back and down. Therapeutic massage therapy or physical therapy could help. Use lots of moist heat directly on the tm joints.


this website has good basic tmj info and pictures on correct posture and exercises.

Do all the research you can before meeting with a tmj dentist. Have all your questions prepared and written down. Tmj patients really need to have lots of knowledge themselves because there are so many quacks and bad dentists and on and on. Too many medical personnel are ignorant or uncaring of tmj so you have to be educated.

I hope you find the help you need. I'm not saying for sure you have tmj, but there is a good possibility, so you should check it out with the proper specialist.

All the best for you,
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replied April 2nd, 2006
Tmj - Sore Throat
I have the same symptoms - went to ear nose and throat, had mri - no diagnosis. Had wisdom teeth out 10 years ago - thought maybe it is nico, however having read your email i'm beginning to believe its tmj. I have pain in my jaw, then it can move to my throat, near my thyroid, up over my right eyebrow and down the back of my skull and down my neck. Im beginning to think it has to be muscular. I use a phone and computer all day - I believe that this teamed with the fact I had braces and a tramatic wisdom tooth extraction on the painful side, points to tmj
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replied April 18th, 2006
Pain In the Throat Area
I am having this pain in the throat area so bad. Will some of you who
are experiencing this symptom, please let me know what you
are doing for it.

Thank you
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replied April 3rd, 2008
Get a second opinion
Hi there, ok here's the deal. The fact that you are in pain and not getting treated is ridiculous! Your doctor is obviously retarded. I find, especially in the HMO world, if a doctor doesn't know what is going on, he or she will prescribe some pain medication and, send you on your merry way, and hope it gets better. I had an unidentifiable swelling problem in my foot for a year and saw my doctor 6 times! Finally I realized that he was a moron and didn't want to take time out of his golf schedule to research my condition. I had to do it myself! I switched doctors (and hospitals). Your health insurance is there so that you can receive medical care and get better, not so some doctor can scratch his head and take your money. If you have to, go to the emergency room and tell them you are in excruciating pain. When you find a new doctor, get him or her on the phone before your first visit. Tell them you are not going to bother coming in unless this doctor is COMMITTED to discovering your problem as quickly as possible. Tell them you've had a bad experience with your previous doctor not caring enough to research and cure you, and your condition has worsened. Seriously, doctors have the resources to find out what's wrong with you, I'm so sick of doctors making people think they can't figure it out. Take my advice and take the matter into your own hands. Docs make way too much money to sit there and tell you they don't know what's wrong with you! Smile
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replied April 3rd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
i have the same problem sometimes. get checked out. also you can post in the ear nose and throat forum and you might get more answeres there
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replied March 28th, 2012
I know this is an old thread but have any of you got relief from the sore throat? Mine is on the left side. I also get a burning pain in my mouth and lips. I believe TMJ could be contributing to this. I am to undergo a splint treatment soon. Did any of you undergo TMJ treatment and how are you doing now? Thanks.

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