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Should I Go to An Allergist Or Dermatologist

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So i've been diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria by me dermatologist. I previously went to a regular doctor and he gave me anti-histamines (alavert). The dermatologist prescribed me zyrtec. Well neither are working. I still get the hives/burning/ithcing very badly with even the slightest temp rise or stress moment. I have a follow-up appointment with the dermatologist in about 2 weeks, but i'm wondering if I should cancel that and just go to an allergist. After researching online i've seen that not many people have any luck with anti-histamines. Should I go to an allergist or stick with the dermatologist? I need to get this fixed or atleast dialed down a bit asap.
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replied March 28th, 2006
I would say that there is no harm in seeing an allergist, i've been doing research on health conditions and have read from various sources that what is happening on the skins surface is a result of an underlying problem, such as an allergy.

Hope everything goes well, whatever you decide to do!
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