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my dentist put in a crown a few months ago, and since then,

food has been always getting in between my teeth in that area.

Can someone explain what is going on, is the crown that he made

narrow so that food is getting in ? Or did he make the tooth too wide

trapping food ? Anyway, he is wittling down the tooth, I guess he is

making the space bigger now, but food is still getting trapped. What is

the problem and what should I do to correct it. Thankyou, su
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replied March 3rd, 2006
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Go back to see him.

Try flossing after eating that will remove the food but that should only be used in the short term I have no crowns but maybe it wasnt the right shape for your tooth

good luck with finding the answer

take care
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replied October 11th, 2010
I have this same exact fact that's why I searched online to see if anyone had a solution. It especially happens if I eat red meat like a steak. People suggest flossing, but that just pushes it into the space more. And then I will cut my gum, which is a worse pain. I've tried toothpicks, folded paper, mouthwash,'s horrible. I've decided to call the dentist to see what he can do about it! But you are not alone, I feel your pain!
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