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Delay Period By One Week? Decreased Effectiveness?

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I have a long distance boyfriend who I only see occassionally, and I want to be able to delay my period by one week (not skip it entirely). I am currently on lo-ovral (it's the same pill for 28 days). Can I skip the 'sugar pills,' take the first week of a new pack, then take the sugar pills the following week, and then 'start over' on a brand new pack? I am not particularly worried about spotting, but I am concerned about lowering the effectiveness of the pill (we do have unprotected sex).

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replied February 28th, 2006
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Don't worry about it decreasing the effectiveness of your pills, because it won't. Do exactly what you said in your post and you will be just fine. Trust me, i've done this a few times myself and had no problems with it. When you take the sugar pills, there are no added hormones in your system, thus allowing you to menstruate. The regular pills keep a constant hormone level, preventing ovulation/implantation.
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