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I've battled with my anxiety for years through school, the military, relationships, and my professional life. I've learned not to hate it but to deal with it. I can't stand any of the prescription drugs because my body shuts down and i'm pretty much a vegetable. With that said i've never been a tea drinker but an ex-girlfriend of mine told me to try drinking tea. Tea? Yes, tea. I told her what about the caffeine and she replied that the caffeine content in tea is minimal, plus the combination of other therapeutic properties of tea actually make you feel a sense of calmness, while still being alert. I thought to myself this can't be true, but it doesn't hurt to try. Well I tried a tea she recommended which was an assam loose leaf and I was blown away! I tell you my nerves and sense of uneasiness, which incarcerates me from time-to-time throughout the day was gone! I was finally able to function! In anycase, it’s been almost a year since that enlightening experience and since then i’ve falling in love with the wonders of tea, especially loose leaf tea.

Thank you and god bless.

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