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Bloated W/gas Often. Gas X Seems to Actually Make It Worse

I seem to bloat with gas after I eat or if I haven't eaten for a while. It can be painful. I feel slightly better if I burp or pass gas. I am not able to pass gas very often though.
I have tried to take gas x for it but usually I actually feel worse for a while and the pain ends up lasting longer.
I have had scopes and have mild colitis and gastritis. They have tried me on various prescription drugs but they seem to do nothing except give me side effects.
I have anxiety most of the time. I have not been able to correlate it to any particuliar food or situation.
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replied March 14th, 2006
My problem is virtually identical. It hasn't caused any stomach pain really. I feel pain more like in the chest. When it isn't pain it's a really bad ache. Nexium doesn't help. And after an endoscopy, it turns out I have duodenal ulcers. But ulcers are caused pirmarily by two things. Either, over use of nsaid(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), i.E. Aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. Or, bacteria known as h.Pylori. The doc said my ulcers were dueto neither. The only thing he suggested was nexium, which I took the first time this happened. They had the same effect this time. I get a sharp pain up the side of my esophagus up to the throat. So I stopped taking it. I'm afraid to eat so I eat vey little now, and in a matter of 2 months, i've lost about 30lbs. The relief after burping is the biggest thing. And taking the gas-x did seem to make it a little worse. I hope you get well soon. And I hope you can hold on til you do. I also suffer from anxiety and it definately doesn't help. Good luck.
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