Ok, so I have headaches quite frequently, but it usually isn't anything I worry about, most of the time it isn't even bad enough to even take anything. But I have been having headaches with dizzy spells off an on lately ... I had a bad one yesterday and went to the Dr. The dr seems to think I may have migraines.

They gave me some pills ('maxalt', I think it was) and said if they help (which they did) that it is likely migraines. But, I always thought migraines were really bad headaches with light and noise sensitivity and such but mine are not that bad ... Aside from the dizzy spells.

Most of the time I just get headaches that don't seem to go away. Most of the time I have a headache off an on all day. Usually I can deal with them, it wasn't until these last few weeks that the dizziness came into play. Smells don't really bother me, but cigarette smoke makes me sick more these days, I never really liked the smell but now it makes the headache worse or can give me one if I don't already have one and sometimes makes me nauseous. If the headache is bad, sound can bug me a little, but light doesn't seem to bother me.

Anyway, the dr did take some blood to run other tests to be sure and rule out other things. I am suppose to go back to my pcp next week.

Anyone else every had mild migraines like this? I am also worried about taking the maxalt stuff, I read online that you shouldn't take it if you have risk factors for heart disease and hypertension and diabetes. Well, I have borderline hypertension and there is hypertension and diabetes in my family too.

I took one last night and today was the first day I haven't woke up with a headache in some time. I had another spell earlier today though.
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