Ok. Is it possible for my baby (i'm 19 weeks pg) to be up in my ribs all the time? The baby is breech and facing towards my back. I get these weird pains below my ribs all across my abdomen, but not at once. There will be a pain here, then it will move to a diff place. Maybe I should sit up straighter???? :?
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replied February 24th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
Posture helps a lot..The more you slouch..The higher your baby seems....

Mine actually flipped around that point so everything you're experiencing will change ( like kicks and punches )

good luck girl!! I made 31 weeks today!!

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replied March 20th, 2006
It has changed. Sometimes I get a twinge up near there, and I think the baby is moving its arms or something. My oldest daughter was always really high up. Thanks magic!
Kristi :)
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