Im not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but I hope its ok. As you can see from my previous posts in other forums, I had just broke up with my girlfriend of 7 years. The fact is, she cheated on me for another guy. All these infidelity happening behind my back after i've given so much love and care to her. Yes, I know I have been depressed lately, but honestly I believe that being unloyal and insincere is not the way forward in a relationship. I regret that hadn't known about the truth earlier.

Basically, im a 22 year old medical student in 3rd year. Im hoping to find someone who would be a suitable partner who is caring, loyal, honest and understanding. Someone who is independent and trustworthy. Looks is not a matter because it does not show your inner side and personality.

That's all. Regards.
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replied March 1st, 2006
Aww (((((((hugs))))))) matthew

i know having someone cheat on you is so hard. My ex cheated on me and I even forgave him for it (he was 20) she was (16) anyway he just went on treating me badly and for all I know was still talking to her.

The thing is you seem like such a wonderful man! You are in your 3rd year med school yeah!!!!!!!!!!! That is something to feel good about, I think that's wonderful! I'm 22 too and wishing I was still in school!

As for your former girlfriend it's ok, she was a fool to leave you and one day she's going to look back and realize that beleive me.

Anyway take care love,

if you ever need to vent or chat pm me

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