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Worried About Friends And Myself

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Me and my friends have been under so much stress for the past few month and 2 of them have took up smokeing.
This is no cure for stress and if anything will make things worse and I dont know what to do about them.
They are only smokeing a few everyday but it is an addiction and no one can say its not.
Im worried about there health and dont know what advice to give them.

But myself,im also worried about me.Im around these lads when smokeing and when I go out drinking im around loads of people who smoke and time and time again im offered a cig but always turn round and say no.
But yesterday when sat in my friends house he offered me a cig and suddenly I thought.I want one.Now thats just not me and it scared me that I was even tempted.He gave me one and I told him I would have it later on but it went right in the bin when I got home.But I gave into that temptation for a minute and I tell you for some reason considering I have never smoked.I suddenly have a craveing for a cig.Is this normal,what can I do
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