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20 Weeks And No Real Appeite

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I am not sure if I spelled that. Throughout much of my pregnancy, I have not been overly hungrey. I do eat, but I feel up real easy. I am over weight. I think I have gained about 6 pounds so far.

Is there anything I should worry about? I tend to worry alot. I go to the drs next week but I was just wondering if there was anything to worry about.

I have worried so much with this baby I dont' know if we will have another one.

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replied February 20th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
Lol..I hear ya with the worrying part but try not to!! Everything will be fine..

You were over weight before you got preggy? If so than your Dr. Should let you know or tell you how much weight he thinks is healthy for you to gain!! Please don't stress over this...Just eat the right foods (ex: fruits, veggies, and fibers.) nothing in excess is good for you ya know??

Try this...Everything that worries you and you find out is perfectly normal, write it down...So that next time around you'll know exactly what to expect!! Imma have to do that cuz I was in paranoia city until about a week ago!!

Good .Luck honey!!
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