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17 Year Old Son Wants Lower Eyelid Surgery

Hello, my 17 year old son wants the bags under his eyes removed or the appearence to look smaller. Unfortunately, large dark circles are hereditary in my family. What kind of procedure would be needed, blepharoplasty or a cheek lift or what? There is no fat, just large, dark bags under his eyes. He even created his own mock before and "after" photos. The after photo is simply him lifting the skin on his cheek a little higher and tighter....That is the look he desires. I am not sure if we should go through with the surgery. Please let me know!

Please copy and paste the following link into your browser to see the "mock" before and after photo:
http://img155.Imageshack.Us/img155/5959/be foreafter9ar.Jpg
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replied March 15th, 2006
Eyelid Surgery
If you are interested in eyelid surgery..
I know a good plastic surgeon who is very good in his work.
He american board certified from us. Now he has a practice in dubai.
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