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Just That: Pospartum Depression, Husband And Wife

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I just need to share this and get it off my chest. My wife and I just had a baby a couple weeks ago. We have been overwhelmed and surprised by the stress it has caused.

I know the first months are the hardest and it will get easier, but this is insane. Our baby is quiet and gorgeous during the day, but a screaming terror all night long, every night. My wife is also trying to breastfeed, with mixed results. It is extremely painful and her nipples are bleeding (yes, we've had demonstrations, midwives). We are both sleep deprived zombies, irritated and bickering constantly.

She is normally a strong and optimistic woman, but is now crying constantly and frustrated. Because of the breastfeeding difficulty she feels inadequate. She is also locked in the house, her eyes are dark and baggy. She is the one who gets up in the middle of the night to feed and really has had no sleep. I hate seeing her go through this.

We just try to acknowledge and accept that this is normal during this time, and it will pass.

I am also experiencing a lack of sexual attraction to her as well. I hope that improves. It seems the baby so far has turned our lives upside down.

I'm sick of hearing about cheery moms with babies that "gee, I don't know, he just goes to sleep all night! Everything's great!"

i know this is temporary, the baby is wonderful, but can anyone relate to the magnitude of this whole experience? The difficulty?
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