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Sleeping And Weight

My sleeping routine is very messed up. I work all the time and I play in a band. I am 6ft tall and weigh 130lbs.

Can my sleeping make my metabolism go crazy?
In all I just want to be and feel healthy.

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replied February 18th, 2006
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Sleeping is very important-we sleep to give our body a rest. I read that while we sleep our brain is busy working away and needs a good night rest. When we lack sleep have you ever notice we lack the right skills-we're slow and really can't function. Also we tend to eat all the wrong foods because we're so hungry-that means all the heavy wrong foods. I guess just try to come up with a schedule-i see that it might be hard but you'll feel so much healthier.

I suggest you should read this new book that just came out I just started to; it's called the china study by t.Colin campbell. He really states the importance of changing your diet since he was a nutrionist. Since your schedule is crazy you need the right foods to function for all the hours!!

Good luck
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