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What is menopause? Peri menopause? How long does menopause last? Get the facts on menopause, "the big change", here. ...
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I am 44 years old from scotland. Just been told i'm going through the menopause,i don't have any symtoms other than having no peroids for 4 months. I can't get hrt as I had a stroke 6 year ago. The thing is what can I expect now,i don't know anything about menopause other than what i've read or heard,and quite frankly it scares me. Is there anything I can take if things get bad I just don't know what happens from here.
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replied February 20th, 2006
Hi, I found a hrt alternative which is really natural. It is a hrt bread and it really helped me. I was on pills before and I had a lot of side effects but this is all natural and has relieved so many of the symptoms. Someone is selling it on ebay called the hrt alternative bread. Check it out. I hope my advice helps you - menopause can be such an awful time.
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