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Can I Find a Nutritionist Online? I Need Help So Bad.. :(

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Is there any way I can find a nutritionist online to ask questions too? I feel that if I went to my doc about my multiple health issues,that he'd just subscribe drugs. Of course drugs would cause other probs down the road.

I feel like I have some major disorder or disease. My whole body has not felt normal since 2003. I am so honest. I started working for mcdonalds in june 2003 and quit may 2005. I am thinking that eating all that food might have weakened my bodys immune system.

I was diagnosed with ibs back in 2004. When I quit mcdonalds a lot of my stomach probs disappeared. However,i still get discomfort a lot still. At night or in morning mostly. Lots of digestive problems still.

Here is the most annoying of all. Moving feelings in my body from my feet to my head. These feelings are just everywhere in my body and in my nervous system. It seems like they are tingly and moving. It is so hard to explain. I also get a weakness with it in my whole body. If I am sitting down on a couch and change positions,i get this heavy feeling in my chest and my head. This is all I can remember for now,there is much more.

Allergies and sinuses. I am congested every morning when I wake up and basically all day. I have tried a lot of allergy pills and sinus pills. Nothing really works. I have sinus pressure every day. I work in walmart as a cashier and it seems to be worse there. I am there 39 hours a week so.

Tmj. Where do I start with this? I am trying to eat softer stuff. The pain is so bad at times in the back of my head and in my face. I also have pain in my neck and cheeks

wow. Hm,is that all of it? Probably not,because theres so much more other crap I cant even describe that I experience. I feel so hopeless. I feel like I can't get help and that my parents dont believe how bad it is. Sometimes I am very miserable for 2 or 3 days straight or a week or two. Actually,the summer of 2004 was better then last summer. My sinuses were better in 2004,but my stomach probs were worse then in 2005. So,different months have been worse in different ways. The last 7 months have been very bad though. Mostly because of my tmj and sinuses. The feelings in my nervous system and body is the one thing that never changes. It has been every day since the fall of 2003 when all my crap started.

I wish I could get help. Its been over 2 years and I cant take all this crap every week and every day anymore. I hate god!
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replied February 22nd, 2006

my stomach wasnt that weird til tonight. How its been last few nights. Worse at night. When I got home from work tonight I really felt it. I got home from work around 11:25 pm. I was really hungry but yet I had this discomfort. I was sittin on a couch watching a dvd and when I started to move to get up, I got this weird discomfort feeling from my head into my stomach. Its really weird. Of course ive been experiencing this kind of crap for last 2 years. I dont get it..The stomach probs and the weakness and the head all seem connected...

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replied February 27th, 2006
they probably are all connected. You aren't going to like this, but I think you should try an anti-anxiety medication. I know from experience that tmj and stomach problems are directly related to stress and how we handle the stress in our lives. I am not very good at it so it attacks my tmj. I take an anti-depressant and just started a small dose of an anti-anxiety drug to help me not clench my teeth while sleeping.

Also consider that you might have fibromyalgia. Fibro can cause all the symptoms that you have been mentioning here and on the tmj forum. It is also made worse with stress.

Talking with a therapist who "specializes" in helping people cope with stress and pain is also a possibility. I know it would help me if I could just find one I could afford.

I'm not saying you are crazy or anything of the sort, so don't even think that. Some of us handle stress better than others. Most people have a problem with stress which is why they smoke or drink or eat too much or even exercise. At least exercise is a healthy way to handle stress if we don't overdo it. That (stress) is why we all have too many headaches and tmj and ulcers and lots of other things. There are some good drugs out there now available to help us who have a harder time dealing with the stresses and we might as well use them. Just always do so under a doctor's care so you don't hurt your body, etc.

You are probably mad at me now kevin, but I really just want to help. Pain is no fun and a life sucker. We all struggle with it and there is nothing wrong with asking and getting help to cope with it. Quality of life is the big issue here. Take charge and do what's best for you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Take care kevin,
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replied February 28th, 2006

i am going to see my family doctor wednesday morning. I told the lady on the phone that the basic symptoms were heaviness in chest for 2 years and weakness. I didnt tell her about the moving feelings cause thatd be to hard to explain. Of course I wrote down all of my symptoms on a piece of paper to show the doc. Main reason im going is because of my whole body feeling off or crappy all time and all the moving strong feelings and tingling and stuff..

Im nervous... :(
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replied February 28th, 2006
I'm glad you are going to the doctor's wednesday. Tell them about the crawly feeling as that is a symptom of fibromyalgia. I don't know how they test to find out if someone has fibro. A good friend has it and i'll ask her. Maybe some of the other support sites can give you some info about it so you won't go in blind.

The anti-depressant I am taking is prozac and I think it has helped more with physical pain than depression but since it can possibly cause night-time clenching/grinding, I also take a small dose of buspar at night, which is an anti-anxiety drug. I have really noticed a difference with my tmj and energy level. I don't need to sleep as much since I started the buspar.

Do all your research and have everything written down when you go into the doctor's. If they start to fluff you off, come right out and say you need help; that you want to feel healthy.

I will be hoping and praying for you and the appointment. Please let me know how it goes.

God bless...
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