I am really glad to have the opportunity to share with all of you! I do not know anyone who has the health issues I deal with, and have been feeling really isolated.
I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia a little over a year ago. The diagnosis came after almost 8 years of extreme fatigue, widespread pain, lots of sudden drug allergies, constant sinus and respritory illnesses, and picking up every little bug that came my way. I was a teacher and was always sick. My primary Dr. Tried to help, but nothing seemed to help. He finally (after trying every drug known to man) referred me to a rheumatologist who figured it out. There is no history of lupus in my family, and everyone else in my family is strong and healthy. I have a history of mono (5 times), athsma, and allergies. I quit teaching in march, and at this point cannot imagine ever going back to work. My husband and I moved to az. Injune from southwest fla. Between my poor health, the principal from hell and living through too many hurricane seasons, I was completely burned out. I have been sleeping for months! The lack of humidity in az. Has helped. I just wonder if I will ever feel human again! Thank you for letting me get this all out. Other people just don't understand!

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replied February 28th, 2006
Welcome! Hope you like it here!

I also have fibro and lupus so pm anytime you need to chat or vent!

Take care
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