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Irregegular Breathing Through One Nostril.

Hey people

i have a problem with my nostrils, the problem is that when I breath it would inhale and exhale through one nostril leving the other inactive and in a "blocked" like state , they (nostrils) would constently switch places like 3-4 hours. Whats wrong with me?,and I had it for quiet somewhile now. And what is this problem called?

Thanks for those who can reply to this
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replied March 8th, 2006
I suffered this in late december and my local gp told me it
was a polyp at the back of nose. It told me also it a knock on
also from snoring as well.
She pescribed nasonex which acts as polpy shrinker and is
a nasal spray used once daily.
It helped me,hop it helps you.
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