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Hernia Testicals

Hi I am 33 married no kids trying to have a baby 2 years now
the problem is my low sperm count
after lots of doctors it seems that I have some vains in my testicals that rise the temperature of my sperm making it /a low sperm count/
i was told by my doctor to have a surgery about that it seems that its a little like a hernia surgery am I correct ?
Any info on this would be helpfull.My wife and I are verry scared.Pls any info.
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replied April 6th, 2009
testical hernia and low sperm count
if you have a testical hernia does this effect your perm count
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replied June 1st, 2009
can a hernia in the penis area cause a man to become sterile??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????
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