My stomach/intestine area has been upset for about 2-3 days and i'm trying to trace the cause. There are three things I ate that might be suspect.

1) canned mandarin oranges - they were in my fridge, which I accidentally left open for 9+ hours while I was at work. I threw everything else away except for this, which I refridgerated again and then ate. Botulism? I don't know much about this disease.

2) chunky peanut butter - this was new to my diet this week. Although i've eaten peanut butter before without getting sick.

3) undercooked chicken breast - I cooked it for a maybe 30 minutes or so in a covered pot filled with water on medium high heat, but it was really thick. I ate maybe 4-8 ounces before I realized the inside wasn't cooked all the way.

I'm thinking it might be the chicken breast but would that last for 2-3 days. All my other cases of upset stomach lasted 1 day at the max; they also were only in my stomach, where this weird feeling is in my intestine too, I think.

Any theories?
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