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Conflicting Diagnoses

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At age one I took my daughter to an orthopedic specialist (in ohio)because I was concerned by the turning in of her feet. He said she was very, very flexible and would outgrow the turning in. His diagnosis was pes planovalgus deformity. He recommended no further treatment including no special shoes or inserts. He also stated that when she gets older and becomes more aware of herself she will correct her foot positions.

She is now age 8.

This past summer my ex-husband took her to a podiatrist (in ohio) who determined that she is flat footed and suffers from achilles equinus. The podiatrist ordered physiotherapy and orthotic inserts at the price of $400+. The podiatrist also recommended possible surgery to address the short achilles tendons. She hates to wear the inserts and says they hurt her feet. There has been no improvement in the toeing in.

In december I took her to an orthopedic specialist in toronto who strongly disagreed with the podiatrist and stated that her range of motion is exceptional. He stated that she has a normal appearing arch. She can dorsiflex both ankles 30 degrees and plantarflex both ankles 70 degrees. (these numbers mean nothing to me?) his onlly finding is general ligamentous laxity. He disagreed with the wearing of the orthotic devices and feels that orthotic devices, in general, are being overmarketed for profit.

I am at a loss. I have stopped bringing attention to my daughter's turning in because I am tired of her feeling self-conscience. She takes ballet and swimming and no mention has been made by her instructors that the turning in of her feet is problematic.

I guess I just need clarification of the different diagnosis that I have received. I am also unsure as to the the difference between orthopedic specialists and podiatrists.

Unfortunately this is a very intense subject at this time because my ex-husband is accusing me of not providing proper care for her.

Thanks in advance for any insight, clarification or advice.
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