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Juice Fasting to Break This Cycle

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I recently started looking up alternative to diet..

I am 134 lbs, 17 years old, 5'6 and female. I am looking to get back down to 120..

Bulimia has pretty much taken over my life as of recent. I binge and purge 2 times a day atleast..I am either busy eating..Finding means to eat..Or purging..And I feel like I have no time for anything else..Which drives me insane..Because I am a very busy, active person..

I found juice fasting might be a good means for me..

It might help to purify my system of all the laxative, diet pills and help me develop the discipline to break this horrible vicious cycle..

Any comments?
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replied February 15th, 2006
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Well done on wanting to break the cycle. It really is difficult. But when you dont eat, generally you find yourself wanting to binge, right? A juice fast will leave you hungry, probably more suceptible to bingeing. You need to ask yourself... Why do you binge and purge? What started it? Why are you still doing it? Do you see a physchicatrist? If you dont, they can be an enormous help. Mine has helped me cut back from 3 to 1 a day. Its an amazing feeling. I want you to have that feeling too.
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replied March 6th, 2006
Most juice and sports drinks have lots of sugar and sodium (salt) in them and if that is your only source of nutrients you may become dehydrated very quickly.

Also, I have heard and you may want to research it, but sports juices/drinks can cause lots of different urinary tract infections, kidney problems and other health problems. I have always been involved in sports and water was pushed on my teammates and I more than juices because of the health risks associated with those being your main nutirent intake. Don't get me wrong. I drink sports drinks but they were made to put into your body right before/during working out so that you will have water/salt in your body to sweat.

I commend you for finding a new way to work on your problem and hope you continue to do so, but with this juice thing, I am afraid you have just traded one habit for another one.
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replied August 9th, 2007
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Re: Juice Fasting to Break This Cycle
God, I had the same problem, t.e. I tryed to get the bulimia cycle by yougurt 3 days or juice and tea week. once I hungered for three days....and was pretty proud of myself and sure that the evil cycle was broken.

I asure you, the just drink days and weeks are the worst a bulemica can do.

I can not argue that this is bad, yes it may help an organism to clean and get healthyer but a treated person should have no EDisorders, I believe.

Even now, when I am almost out of all this, I get cravings to make, you know, a yougurt fasting, or a chocolate day. I have read about it in a magazine. A star said she ate just 1 bar chocolate for the whole days during 3 dasy and lost pounds.

yes we get this gross stuff from star mags a lot, and we think if it worked for her it will work for me.

I wish you to forget about fasting untill you are 100% cured.

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replied February 7th, 2010
I have had a binging problem and I found juice fasting very helpful. It builds self discipline, but you have to be totally serious about getting past your problem. You will discover so much happiness when you decide to fast from food. You will gain a sense of freedom. You are no longer feeding your addiction so you no longer suffer from it. Who you really are starts to shine through, and confidence in yourself grows as you see yourself conquering the urges to eat by not giving in. This then incourages you do go out and do the things you always wanted to do but didn't because of lack of confidence. You will have so much extra time on your hands that you usually spent eating and purging, you will have no other choice but to find something else to occupy your time. This focuses your mind on other things that help steer your attraction to food away, and gives you a fresh new perception of reality. One that you can consiously choose. You are no longer blinded by your repeated patterns of the past. Once you get past that first few days of food withdrawl, you're body starts to release it attachments to it, and you wont crave or think about food. Unless ofcourse you make the conscious descision too. And that only happens when you don't find something else to fill in that missing since of pleasure you found in food.

Also, juice fasting is a great way to detoxify your body. It gives your digestive system a well needed rest and helps your body instead heal itself. It will help you release any insecurities you may have with yourself, and could even cure them, health wise.

I've been on many fasts, infact my longest one was a 26 day water fast. It was the best decision I've ever made!
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