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"cure" Or "bombard" By Gout

Gout as we know is a metabolic disorder. If gout can be cured so easily as many have claimed, then without taking a single drug for over 14 years I have had overcome pain, control and manage gout as no threat but small disturbances and nuisances(no other sypmtoms like fever, flu, throat/mouth infections, fugus/atheletic foot, rashes, sleepiness, depress etc as in the past) I could have say I cure gout many years ago! I would rather say I have gradually reverse to no attack not amounting to a cure. For a few years I have had no attack.

Excessive uric acid and crystals will still stay and hide in the body system. Temporary control or gout may go into remission for a short period of time but when the body starts to disorientate this will lead to future "bombardments" of gout. Adjustments of metabolic disorder in my experience require gradual rejuvenating the body system with appropriate herbs and daily diet. It will need long period of time if approach is correct, depending on condition. It also requires determination, right mindset and aware of what are the intakes. I do came across persons who claimed they managed gout with drugs and cured gout died of gout or heart problem etc when gout started "division of labour" that is having other problems like heart, kidney and diabetic. In that sense there may be lesser flare ups due to taking drugs for other problems.
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