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Wierd Pimple Like Could Be a Bug Bite Dont Know

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Question: well just recently two bumps appears as pimples and have white puss like stuff coming out of them one is on my arm by my arm pit and it is very painful to the touch it is as though it has a lot of build up in I accidently messed with it and it has turned into such as a sore all scabbed up it it very red around it maybe about and inch all the way around and it hurts and seems to be very hot I also seem to have one on my rear end but its not scabbed up cuz I really couldnt mess with it it hurts severely and seems to be swollen on both rear and arm . I am trying to figure out what it is it seems that they showed up after a very stressful time I was going through and the one on my rear I squeezed it a lil and a head like a pimple came out then so did some blood but there seems to be a build up of fluid inside both and wondering what they are ive never had any thing like this severe or painful like this!!!!! So I would like to find out what it could be or just more an understanding of it . It also seems to be some what infected or lost of bacterial stuff in it I keep cleaning it and checking both of them hoping it will take down some of the pain or swollenness it also seems theres a break out of more of them smaller on my rear end and they are not painful appear to be puss like pimples but seems to be not to bother just the two really big one the one on my rear it about two inches around swollen and every sore it seems as though it hurts to put pressure on either one of them on my arm or rear. They also seems to be scabbed over and hard on the scab part and very sore around it and puffed up!!!!!!
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replied February 8th, 2006
Thinking Some Kind of Bite
I feel like im running fever also my head is burning and im cold but burning up and the spots just seem to be not getting better but dont appear to be getting worse I would really like some imput on this the one on my arm has seem to now be red still but its about a quarter size now im just curious if I should go to the doctor and crap my bf says it looks as though its a skin infection but I have a feeling it might be a spider bit if you know any thing about spider bites then help me out here ive never had some thing like this and always feared being bit by one and have no idea how it could have happened some one told me it appears to maybe be a brown racluss bite if you know where I can get info on what they look like or how you can tell its one please let me know ty!!!!!!
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replied February 9th, 2006
Dude, go to the doctor! This could be many different things, you need to have it checked out.

I had a similar problem a while back and thought it was a spider bite and it turned out to be celulitis ... Which can be life threatening if left untreated.

If it is a spider bite, some spider bits can get infected and become 'necrotic' meaning that the infection/venom will eat away and kill the skin tissue and leave a hole. Celulitis and do the same thing.

Symptoms of a cellulitis skin infection are:
- redness
- swelling
- extreme tenderness or pain
- skin that is hot to the touch
- red lines on the skin that run from the wound or sore to the lymph glands in the area.

Or maybe it is just an infected ingrown hair or something. But, you should defiantly get it checked out!

Good luck,

~ flutter :)
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replied February 10th, 2006
These sound like skin abscesses. I hope you have seen a doctor by now because I suspect you need treatment with antibiotics.
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